Virtual Assistants


Do you need help with your Admin?

As a small business owner the pressure is on you to source leads, deal with customers, manage your website and social media. On top of this you have to do be a receptionist, do your online research, manage your calendar, book travel and an array of administrative tasks which eat into your precious time.  

Working with a Virtual Personal Assistant.

Bootstrapping is good. Knowing and living every aspect of your business is very valuable. But freeing up your time to grow is priceless. But now, thousands of business owners are discovering that this is where a Virtual Personal Assistant (or VA) can help you. allows you to choose the number of hours of help you require per month and teams you up with the right Virtual Personal Assistant to manage any tasks you require, to help free up your time to concentrate on what you do best!

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Case Studies: Working with a Virtual PA

Working with a VA Case Study

Kerri Layton is a perfect example of the new breed of solopreneur. She lives and breathes her work and her art; maximising her skills, forever willing to learn and looking for growth opportunities.  

Our Relationship with Kerri Layton began when she came looking for a part-time virtual assistant to help lighten her load and focus on what she does best.

Working with a VA Case Study

Like many small business owners, prior to working with a VA, Simon Cyrus, of Cyrus Healthcare, found himself in a position of wanting to grow his business but he was restricted by the available hours in any given day.

He simply didn’t have the time to research more opportunities, to set up his new web site and to dedicate to growth.