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Our elastic pricing plans mean if you need more you can always switch between plans to ensure your workload is taken care of and your valuable time is never compromised. All prices excluding VAT.


10 hours per month

Our basic package includes 10 hours per calendar month of your dedicated assistant's time, to help you with general personal or business tasks such as data entry, online research, content writing, scheduling, travel booking and much, much more.

This is a perfect starter package to feel your way into working with a VA and will give you some quick wins without having to commit too much of your own time to the process of delegating.


20 Hours per month

This is the most popular package which includes 20 hours per month of Virtual Assistant time to help you with general or business tasks such as data entry, online research, content writing, scheduling, travel booking and more.


40 Hours per month

This is typically our business package which includes 40 per calendar month. Hand over a variety of repetitive tasks such as calendar management & scheduling, email & receptionist services,  data entry, email marketing and more.


80 Hours per month


Full-time va

Package including 80 hours per calendar month of VA time to help you with general personal or business tasks such as customer support, email and receptionist services admin, web research, content writing, scheduling and more.

Take that mini retirement! This package includes a full-time Virtual Assistant to help you manage a wide variety of business tasks allowing you to focus on what matters more to you or simply take a well earned rest. *Minimum 3 month contract.  

Need a particular set of skills? We have assistants with many different areas of expertise to help grow your business, from Marketing to Property. Check out our Business Services for a complete list.

Contact us to discuss a bespoke package if you need more, or less, time than these plans.

Virtual assistant case studies

Virtual Assistant Case Study

Kerri Layton is a perfect example of the new breed of solopreneur. She lives and breathes her work and her art; maximising her skills, forever willing to learn and looking for growth opportunities.  

Our Relationship with Kerri Layton began when she came looking for a part-time virtual assistant to help lighten her load and focus on what she does best. 

Virtual Assistant Case Study

Like many small business owners, prior to working with a VA, Simon Cyrus, of Cyrus Healthcare, found himself in a position of wanting to grow his business but he was restricted by the available hours in any given day.

He simply didn’t have the time to research more opportunities, to set up his new web site and to dedicate to growth.

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  • The founders of use Virtual Assistants.

  • We are entrepreneurs with a history in recruitment and outsourcing.

  • Thomas Smallwood is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Hiring (and Keeping) a Virtual Assistant.