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50 Side Hustles for Financial Freedom

50 Side Hustles

Are you looking for ways to earn some cash on the side. Perhaps to supplement your income or perhaps looking to take the first step towards building your own business empire?

A side hustle can be the best way to test the water. Not only can you try something without giving up the security of your employment but in some cases you may be able to cheaply outsource the labour and build something that will deliver you the financial freedom you desire. 

As a start here are 50 side hustles that can boost your income:

1.    Airbnb

This is a great way to make extra money if you have a spare room in your apartment or house.

If you like meeting lots of different people from all around the world this is a win-win for you.

You don’t need to invest in marketing because Airbnb is well known, and here's an article on the risks and rewards that make this our number one.

Jasper Ribbers is an inspiration when it comes to this side hustle. He ever wrote a book about it.

2.    Freelance

There are many websites that offer different jobs jobs from data entry to web development and much more.

Use can use just an hour a day , and jobs can be as simple as you choose them. Use these awesome tips to start.      

3.    Mystery Shopping

Companies hire mystery shoppers to evaluate the quality of service in their stores.

Mystery shopping as a side hustle is great if you consider yourself to be very honest. 

You also need to be good at writing reports and be friendly. And watch this video. Good luck!

4.    Photography

You don’t need to be a professional to start, you can turn your hobby into a side hustle. Find a good camera and find if you’re more of a landscape, wedding, motion or portrait photographer.

Learn how to start your business and follow the tips of those who do it.

5.    Baking

If you are good at it, make it profitable. Read this great article about how these three “bakerpreneurs” started their sweet business. 

And here is more on how baking cookies can change your life.

6.    Cleaning Service

If you dont’t mind cleaning your own, or better, if you like it- cleaning service may just be a perfect side hustle for you.

Cleaning homes can make you money and here is how.

7.    Doula Service

I guess this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you have experience and love birth and babies, this is worth considering. 

There are many resources that help you to become a doula, and reading interviews with birth doulas are the best way to determine if this job is for you.

8.    Uber Driver

If you have a newer car, you can make money driving uber.

 You also need some requirements before hitting the road,  background checks and passing  the interview are some of them.

9.    Makeup Artist

Not everyone who owns makeup is a makeup artist. But, if you find some good tutorials, you can make a nice income out of it.

Follow these steps or this blog to become successful, and when you do that go to these websites where makeup artist can find some good work.

10.    Moving Service

Moving is never an easy job and help is always needed!

Starting a moving company as a side job can turn out pretty good and you can start by offering only weekend service.

11.    Online Suvreys

Before entering the world of surveys do your research about the best sites. It is possible to earn from it.

12.    Personal Training

For this side gig you need to know a thing or two about fitness. Becoming a trainer can’t be hard if you like working out.

 And we all know it’s always easier to work out with a trainer than without.

13.    Selling online

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Feverr... All good sites to make extra money. You can sell stuff you don’t need anymore or some of your crafts.

There are also great sellers that talk about how they started and make helpful videos. You can also outsource to a virtual assistant the labour-intensive task of listing items. 

14.    Sports Coaching

Become a coach of your local team. Turn your love into a side job.

15.    Teaching online

Earn money by teaching what you already know

You can tech whatever you are good at: languages, math, science.. Make it your side job

16.    Vehicle Advertising 

If you don’t mind driving a car wrapped in an add, go for it.

17.    Affiliate Marketing

Find your niche and some good programs to start with. And be patient.

Here is how to become successful and make money

18. Brand Ambassador

Fun way to earn extra money by going to a variety of events. Build a good resume and become a brand ambassador.

Best way to find out more is read a good interview.

19. Car Flipping

If you know about cars and a bit about trading, start your car flipping business.

Here is a video about this great side hustle.

20. Caregiving

If this comes naturally to you, this won’t just be any job, but a great way of helping someone. can help you find jobs.

21. Babysitting

Hanging out with kids and making money. Piece of cake, right? Ok, not really but it is a good way to make some extra income.

And… you can do it no matter what your career is

22. Interior Decorating

If you have the eye for decorating, you can turn your dream into a good side hustle.

23. Personal Shopper

Make your passion into your job. Become a personal stylist.

24. Selling your hair online

It might be weird, but it works!

25. Vending Machine Business

When starting this business, start small at first. Here is a video that says it all.

26. Notary Public Service

Working at home and signing documents. Great, right? This is a perfect side hustle.

Become a public notary easy.

27. Wedding/Event planner

You’ll need to love planning and be very reliable. 

Become an event planner and make some serious money.

28.  Blogging

Blogging seems to be the best way to go, you can work anywhere and write about what you like. Alternatively do your research and then outsource the content creation to one or more virtual assistants to make sure you get the best results.

Now, you only need to start and learn how to make money doing it. There, that's not so hard is it. Well, actually it is, but here are some articles on the subject.

29. Homemade pet treats

It’s hard to find a good pet treat these days.

If you are good at baking and care for our furry friends, making homemade pet treats is the best side hustle for you.

30. Proofreading

For this side hustle you don’t need any investment. Just bring your skills.

31. T-Shirt Printing

Start this business to make extra money. Be creative and get a good printer. Unique designs are very important to Millenials.

Be inspired by stories and tutorials from those who made it work. By tapping into low cost outsourcing options you can also pay graphic designers to come up with designs. 

32. Teaching music

Turn your love and talent into money. Piano or Guitar, anyone?

33. Teaching Yoga

If you are already a yoga lover and woud like to become a yoga techer, this is the perfect side hustle for you. I

nstead practicing  it by yourself, teach it to a group.

Here are 30 ways you can make money teaching yoga.

34. Translation

A great job if you are familiar with other languages.

35. Voiceover acting

It is more than just talking. Learn the basics and let your voice free.

Carrie Olsen asures us it is easy to start, and here is more of her story.

36. Web Design

There are a lot of free online courses to learn this skill. If you already have experience, this job can be very profitable.

37. Bookkeeping

If you’re good with numbers and have good organizational skills, bookkeping business can bring you great side income.

And there is a benefit of working from home

38. Car Washing

We all love a sparkly car. Start your sparkly business.

39. Computer Repair

If you know your way around computers, use it to help friends, neighbours and family for a little side cash.

Use part of your weekend for some computer maintenance.

40. Instagram Marketing

I picked Instagram out of all social media not only by being most popular one these days,

but it also because it brings the most ways to make money out of it.

41. Social Media Manager/Consultant

A great side job for all of those that are familiar  with social media and all around it.

This interview with social media marketer Rosie has everything you need to know about this job. 

Here at HDO we offer low cost Social Media Managers so perhaps you could make a business out of this, using your contacts and outsourcing the work.

42. Dog Walking

Maybe not for everyone, but dog walking is a great way to spend time and do some exercize as well.

As is pet sitting

43. Auctions

You can trade with all those goods.

Here is how to really make money out of it.

44. Product Tester

Trying new things and getting paid. Sounds too perfect.

Find good sites that pay you to do that and get paid to test products at home.

45. Cryptocurrency trading

You don’t need to be a pro, there are automated softwares that do everything for you. 

Learn more on trading cryptocurrencies and how it can make you very rich.

46. Cryptocurrency mining

It can be very profitable, but you will need to get special processors and know which coins to mine.

Read on some tips and how this can be your next side hustle.

47. Consulting

Consulting is great because you sell what you know

Find your strength and use these tips.

48. Selling Stock Photos

Make good photos and start selling them. Here are some sites where you can start. 

Hustling Hotties wrote everything on how to sell your photos and what to expect from it.

49. User Testing

To be a user tester, all you need is a smartphone or tablet , some previous experience in QA, and some free time to do the testing. 

Easy side hustle for all of those who care about user experience.

50. Selling blood plasma or medical research

Ok. Not entirely sure about this one but here goes. Apparently you can make money from medical research. Somehow this seems hard to advise, but there you go, its out there. You can also theoretically help someone and make money selling plasma.

Kristin Larsen is a champ of side hustles, and she shared her full experience doing this.