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Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

You may have heard some Virtual Assistant agencies talking about “dedicated virtual assistants” and you may have quite rightly thought to yourself that the least you would expect from anyone doing any work for you should be their dedication.

 Well, fear not! When choosing between a dedicated Virtual Assistant or other VAs the choice is not between those who care about what they are doing and those who don’t. Instead hiring a dedicated virtual assistant simply means you are hiring a package of hours from a VA agency and they will supply you with one person, rather than simply give you the chance to outsource tasks to a team.

What are the benefits of a dedicated virtual assistant? 

  • Consistency for your clients or business partners.

  • Ability to focus training to ensure higher quality results.

  • Reliability in outsourcing to one person. 

  • Increased efficiency over time.

  • Exponentially higher work rate.

  • Freedom to take time off leaving your business in safe hands.

  • Continuity in the case of your absence.

  • Advantage of "training the trainer”. Your dedicated VA can train other as and when required.

  • Focus of having on point of contact even when delegated to multiple people.

Know your dedicated virtual assistant

If you work with a team rather than a dedicated virtual assistant you will not get to know the VA to whom you delegate work. So although spreading the work to different skillsets, you cannot guarantee the correct approach to suit you and you don’t build the same kind of working relationship which creates greater efficacy over time.  

Furthermore a dedicated virtual assistant means you can go straight to the source, no project manager or “middleman” to dilute your message or create extra bureaucracy. In this way working with one person can create a better foundation for a consistent and healthy working relationship with your VA.

If you do not use a dedicated VA you have no control over who is carrying out your tasks and whilst this does not mean things cannot be done well but it can bring issues of quality control. 

Scheduling time with a dedicated virtual assistant

Another major plus point of a dedicated virtual assistant is the ability to schedule time slots when he or she will be working for you. Setting aside a time of day or week to concentrate on your work is a supremely effective way of getting the best out of your VA and also ensuring you effectively delegate.

Here at we offer a variety of time packages for dedicated virtual assistants, starting from our basic package of 10 hours per month. We also offer a wide variety of skilled assistants, particularly in the form of marketing virtual assistants and social media virtual assistants.

If you would like to find out the benefits of working with a dedicated virtual assistant you can take a 2 hours free trial. 

Need help with your business? Hire a Virtual Assistant from £99 or take a 2 hour FREE trial.

We want you to understand the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant so we are happy to offer a 2 hour introductory trial in which you will be able to send over some sample tasks to see how a VA can help you lighten the load and concentrate on what you do best!