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Full Time Virtual Assistant

Full-time Virtual Assistant

A full-time Virtual Assistant gives you the possibility to perfectly integrate someone into your team or, if you work on your own, to set yourself up with a co-worker who can help you out on any aspect of your business which you see fit, any time, any day.

It is the ultimate in freedom when it comes to outsourcing work (and maybe outsourcing life). Working with a full-time Virtual Assistant means you can balance what you delegate to be a good mix of scheduled and repetitive tasks together with ad hoc tasks that can sometimes take you away from concentrating wholeheartedly on the aspects of your business that you do best. 

So what are some of the advantages of a Full Time Virtual Assistant?

  • Integration of extra staff into your business / team without the risks of employing directly.

  • Ability to outsource ad hoc tasks as and when they need doing without having to plan everything ahead.

  • Opportunity to train someone on multiple aspects of your business so they can cover different roles.

  • Freedom to take time off and leave your business running in the hands of trained personnel.

  • Faster response time for your customers through more dedicated customer support time.

  • Greater focus on your brand of company’s web presence.

  • Adding Social Media as marketing and communication channels. 

  • Expand your customer-base by covering different times / shifts.

  • Cover your regular staff’s holiday time to ensure business continuity.

  • Guaranteed time slots for certain tasks, such as emails and support.

  • Grow your business by having more time to yourself and consequently to your business strategy.

  • Transform you full-time business into a lifestyle business.

A full-time Virtual Assistant offers the small business owner and entrepreneur the opportunity to genuinely train someone and teach them how their business runs, therefore enabling the most successful form of delegation. In turn this pays really good long-term dividends as it allows you to grow your business.

You can’t put a price on looking after yourself and your business.

What is often overlooked is the freedom a full-time VA will give you in terms of simply taking a little time off. Self-care in the workplaces something which is frequently neglected by self-employed and small business owners. Running a small business can take a way a Hugh amount of time from your personal life.

A full-time virtual assistant can help you to take back your private life, give you some free time to either run your business as "lifestyle business" or re-invest those extra hours to genuinely grow your small business and, who knows, maybe take on another full-timer?

More help with hiring a full-time VA

A word of warning: As with any instance in which you delegate work, you get out of it what you put in, so you do need to be sure that you require a full-timer. If you can get away with working with VA for fewer hours a month then it makes sense to do so.

Don’t let vanity get the better of you. Yes it may sound cool to say you have a full-time assistant or virtual PA, but the most important thing is working effectively and economically with the package of Virtual assistant hours that suits your business.

We have many more helpful articles on working with a VA throughout this site. For example, if you are wondering what you can outsource to a virtual assistant then here is an article that might help up you. And here are some of the more common mistakes when working with virtual assistant.

Need help with your business? Hire a Virtual Assistant from £99 or take a 2 hour FREE trial.

We want you to understand the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant so we are happy to offer a 2 hour introductory trial in which you will be able to send over some sample tasks to see how a VA can help you lighten the load and concentrate on what you do best!