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One of the greatest problems for any small or medium sized business is being able to dedicate adequate time to growing the business when the pressures of the day-to-day eat into this valuable commodity! Using a skilled Virtual Assistant (VA) for just a few hours a week can change this.

The kind of tasks that you can delegate to virtual assistant are - to a certain degree - limitless. As with any employee if you train them to do something, they can do it.

Naturally certain aspects of running your business lend themselves to outsourcing. A good starting point is anything that can be easily documented. Clear processes are the best way to effectively delegate work to someone and if you can define the steps needed and expected result delegation need not be a painful process. In fact, if you follow these video tips on delegating successfully, it ought to be quite straightforward.

Here at we are great advocates of outsourcing your work to enable you to either concentration what you do best within your business to take it the next level or indeed to simply buy yourself some time to step away from the pressure of work, perhaps to spend more Tim with your family or doing what it is you enjoy the most.

We offer a FREE trial with one of our assistants and you can sign up here to discover for yourself the benefits of delegating work to a skilled virtual assistant.

What can a skilled VA do for you?

There was time when a VA was thought of as someone who can simply do some simple admin tasks to relieve you of a little time, but in truth the scope of this type of outsourced work has changed greatly over the last few years.

Because of our experience in a variety of sectors we have built a team with a wide range of expertise. Working with means your needs will be assessed and you will get to owkr with someone who understands your pain points and can provide not just an extra pair of hands but also the requisite skills to add value to your business.

For example we work with clients in the property sector, for example serviced apartments, offering them VAs with experience in this are to aid the onbaording process and allow you to “hit the ground running” when you work with your VA.

Online research, such as lead research is one on the most time-consuming elements of your business. Many small business owners or sales managers do not actually effectively reach out to potential clients because they simply do not have the time to dedicate to compiling lists of leads or prospects to whom, in truth, they could be selling.

SEO, Content Writing and Social media virtual assistants are other area in which we have specialist VAs available to add value to your brand.

Specialising in marketing & social media

Our skilled VAs can take care of many aspects of your company’s marketing from logo design to the implementation of a complete social media strategy. A specialist Marketing or Social Media VA will help to ensure this side of your business is properly curated with quality, engaging content designed to reach out to your target audience and lift your brand in relation to your competitors.

You can find a comprehensive list of our Business Services, which will help you decide what areas of expertise you need to outsource in order to build the perfect back office for your business.

And best of all you can save money as opposed to employing someone directly. You get to choose how many hours you want your marketing virtual assistant to work according to your budget.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We offer bespoke outsourcing to skilled staff so get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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