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How to Manage a Hectic Schedule

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, from a tech start-up to a vegan food site, it often all falls on you to do everything and your schedule can become crowded to say the least. All those time-consuming tasks, chores and admin that you may have never imagined… so here are 6 Tips to Manage a Hectic Schedule successfully and spend more time working ON your business and less time IN your business.

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Using a Virtual Assistant for Social Media

The biggest growth area for virtual assistant services has undoubtedly been in Social Media Strategy, content creation and management.

The most common request we get from clients is can we get a Social Media Virtual Assistant to help us manage our online presence, expand the channels we cover and optimise the way our brand is viewed… but, we have changed in the way we manage Social Media.

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Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2019

Why are Social Media platforms always changing their image sizes? 

It often feels like a chore to have to redo these things and, worst of all, often the networks themselves are not exactly forthcoming with the preferred dimensions.

So, in order to make your life slightly simpler we are offering you a simple clean guide to image sizes for the major social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (Business), LinkedIn (Personal) and Pinterest.

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Video Tips: 10 Tips for Communicating with Remote staff

In this week’s video I am going to talk about 10 tips for communicating with remote staff. Naturally these are relevant to our line of business - working with virtual assistants - but increasingly business is global and workforces are fragmented.

Many businesses are now not only feeling the benefits of working with VAs but also using outsourcing platforms such as Freelancer, People Per Hour and individuals and agencies across the globe to deliver tasks.

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Mental Health Awareness | Self Care Tips for Business Owners [Video]

Being a small business owner has many perks. It puts you in charge of your destiny, gives you freedom, and can be more rewarding than any career you might have imagined for yourself. But what a lot of business owners will also admit is that this can come at a cost – pressure, responsibility, long hours that can all contribute to a lack of self care and potential mental health problems.

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Video Tips: Social Media Strategy

In the last few weeks we have been working on differing social media and marketing strategies for 3 clients and given that Social Media was high on the list of New Year’s Resolutions I thought I would do a video with some quick tips. 

As I mentioned I think there is a lot of angst around Social media in business because there is the perception that if you are not on every social media with your brand you are missing out on millions of clients. The truth is never that simple. So here are some tips on putting together a social media strategy.

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How to Work with a Virtual Assistant to Clear Your Inbox

When you are a small business owner, you spend a fair share of your day sifting through your inbox trying to decrease the number of emails in it. It is a very big part of your daily routine and the one you might feel you need to have the most control over.

However, if this aspect of your business is eating away at your already limited (and precious) time, it’s best to start thinking about relinquishing some control.

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Using a Virtual Assistant to Manage your Blog 

Having a successful blog and creating compelling and engaging content are some of the most effective marketing tools today. As such, they do require a lot of your time which, it is safe to assume, is already probably quite scarce.

When it comes to content creation, the job might seem straight-forward and not so challenging. However, as with any job this one comes with many routine elements which can easily be outsourced

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10 of the most Common Mistakes When Working with a Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a learning curve. The world is small and has never been better connected but widespread remote work is comparatively still in its infancy. This challenging area of business brings about new demands but none of them is insurmountable if it is done properly.

So let’s focus on working with a virtual assistant and how to avoid the most frequent mistakes.

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Stop Wasting Time! 5 Key Things You Can Outsource Now.

Running a successful business can be very strenuous and time-consuming. At times it might feel like there aren’t enough hours in day to get everything done, and as a result, your business might suffer.

Luckily, you have the option to outsource some of the tasks that don’t require your immediate attention so that you aren’t spreading yourself too thin. Choosing what to delegate can be a challenge, so take a look at some of the tasks you can outsource and come up on top.

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How to Give Feedback to a Virtual Assistant

Feedback is one of the most important steps to take when delegating your work to someone. It is crucial to building a good working relationship with your virtual assistant and ensuring great communication.

Criticism wrapped in praise can be very tricky and we, as people, tend to focus only on the negative. This can in turn affect your overall communication with your virtual assistant.

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