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secret spa: virtual assistants as first line support.

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Secret Spa was founded in 2015 by siblings Emily Ewart-Perks and Rider Latham and has developed into London’s most trusted mobile beauty service.

It has revolutionised the way Londoners get their beauty treatments by offering a seamless booking platform for at-home, cashless beauty appointments with trusted therapists.

Secret Spa is now relied on by famous faces and busy women across London; it has gained advocates such as Celia Walden (The Telegraph) and Sarah Jossel (Sunday Times Style) who praise the quality of the therapists and the devoted customer service team.

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What problems do Virtual assistants solve for you?

We use Virtual assistants to cover customer service and co-ordinate with our therapists. This is especially important during busy periods when we need extra hands on deck to ensure we deliver a great service and excellent response times to all our customers.

How else do Virtual Assistants help?

Bandwidth. Using Virtual Assistants allows us to cover more hours - especially “out of hours”, therefore extending the support we can offer our customers.

Why did you choose to work with VAs?

Virtual assistants offer a skilled and flexible service and the ability to scale the business accordingly. This flexibility means we do not have to scale up our office space as we outsource to a remote team. 

They are trained in using Zendesk and help to effectively increase our availability, thus growing the business whilst keeping a lid on the overheads.


“ consistently provides a high level of service from a dedicated team of support virtual assistants, helping us to increase our bandwidth and manage our growth.”

Emily Ewart-Perks - Founder.

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