Virtual Assistants

Serviced Accomodation Assistant

Help with Serviced Accommodation and Corporate Lets.

If you manage Serviced Accommodation or Corporate Lets you may struggle to hit your goals as your time is often eaten up by management and administration. Help is here!

A virtual assistant trained in the platforms you use or experienced in the administrative side of your business can greatly lighten your burden, from talking to estate agents to acting as a guest manager on your behalf.

Here are some of the tasks a Virtual Assistant can help you with to make your corporate lets or serviced accommodation business run smoothly and give you some breathing space to engage in growing your serviced property business.

  1. Guest Management

    A Property Virtual Assistant can manage all aspects of your bookings across multiple platforms.

  2. Creating, editing and updating your listings

    Make sure your content and photos are up to date and of the best quality.

  3. Customer Support

    A property sector virtual assistant can answer email queries from prospective clients ensuring you can spend your time dedicated to doing that which you do best.

  4. Client Follow Up

    The power of the review in the internet age is second to none and yet consumers only tend to say something when they are unhappy. What are you waiting for? A property VA can actively get feedback from satisfied clients ensuring you get your five star reviews!

  5. Estate Agent Outreach

    If you are looking to expand your business it is worth training your virtual assistant to do some of the outreach and get you the shortlists you want. Not all estate agents understand the nuances of corporate lets or serviced accommodation so delegating some of the legwork can help you speak to the right people.

  6. Social Media Marketing / Lead Research

    Are you advertising on social media channels such as LinkedIn of Facebook? should you be searching for your target audience instead of waiting for the corporate lets to rush in. By going gout to companies and organisations you can take some of the chance out of your business.

  7. Competitor Analysis / Research

    It is always worth keeping an eye on the competition or researching new areas to buy property. What is happening and where can be the key to filling a property and hitting your goals rather than than buying int he wrong area.

By hiring a property virtual assistant you can ensure your property business runs well and has the chance to grow as you free up your time to do what you do best. a VA can help you not only to manage your guests but also many other aspects of your corporate lets or serviced accommodation business.

And best of all you can save money as opposed to employing someone directly. You get to choose how many hours you want your assistant to work according to your budget.

Need help with your Property Business? Hire a Property Virtual Assistant from £99 or take a 2 hour FREE trial.

We want you to understand the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant so we are happy to offer a 2 hour introductory trial in which you will be able to send over some sample tasks to see how a VA can help you lighten the load and concentrate on what you do best!