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Online Virtual Assistant

There was a day when the thought of working with someone in another office, let alone another country, was if not beyond imagination, at least a chore. But the internet age has revolutionised how people work.

You only have to look at Automattic, the company behind WordPress to see how the world of work has changed. Their employees are scattered around the world, contributing, working, sharing without stepping in the same office.

Even just a few years ago it was unthinkable to have a company with a substantial back office, without having an established place of work, as well as the associated overheads. This has now changed. Collaborating platforms for outsourcing work to contractors and freelancers, as well as companies offering access to skilled “virtual” assistants, mean the skillset you require is now available, without hiring someone full-time and without geographical boundaries.

You can have the best people work for you, based on your needs and without breaking the bank. The rise of the online virtual assistant has ensured that may SMEs start-ups and entrepreneurs can access the skills they need to get going and build a business, whether starting from a side-hustle or going all in to your dream business.

No more full-time hiring was born of this need for outsourcing various portions of work.

When the owners were looking for a virtual assistant they quickly realised there were many others in the same shoes. Many small businesses are required to cover many bases, from general business admin to social media marketing and this often falls on the same person - the business owner. But nobody realistically can be expected to have expertise in so many different fields and this is where skilled online virtual assistants come into their own.

Here at we offer a wide variety of skills to provide the perfect business back office to any number of small or medium-sized businesses. Perhaps you want to add some customer support, need help with ensuring your brand is engaging with potential customers on social media channels or simply want someone to help you generate more leads.

Our skilled VAs cover many major areas of business process outsourcing to enable you to choose the number of hours you want on each area of your business.

Example of back office outsourcing

Below is an example how a small business can choose different areas of their business and outsource them to dedicated online virtual assistants who not only free up tie, but also add value due to their expertise.

  • Customer Support: 40 hours per month

  • Lead Research: 15 hours per month

  • Social Media Management: 10 hours per month

  • Email Outreach and Marketing: 10 hours per month

  • Web Design & Maintenance: 5 hours per month

The above scenario shows how you can add 80 hours of work (work which you or others in your organisation who lack expertise) can delegate to someone with the requisite skills. This not only lightens the load on the business side, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, but it adds a huge value, effectively giving you business back office that you would not be able to employ on a full time basis.

For example by hiring a social media virtual assistant for 20 hours a month you can ensure you get specialist resource to curate your social media profiles and engage with your audience in a way that you might not otherwise do. This will help grow your business, because you (or your team) can concentrate on maximising their roles.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We offer bespoke outsourcing to skilled staff so get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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