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Chat Support Virtual Assistant

Chat Support Virtual Assistant

By hiring a Chat Support Virtual Assistant, you have a chance to add another channel of communication with clients and potential clients, whilst you focus on other important tasks in your business.  

Whether through their own expertise or a series of automatic responses from standard canned messages or access to responses available from your knowledge-base our friendly Chat Support Virtual Assistants can handle your queries and provide excellent results at the same time.

In this way we provide a highly economical way of making sure that anyone landing on your website receives an immediate response which helps to improve your company’s overall customer experience and helps greatly to increase potential sales conversion.

Our Chat Support Virtual Assistants can provide help in the following fields:

What A chat support Virtual assistant can do for you:

  • Chat customer support

  • Communicating with leads

  • Creating Knowledge-base

  • Creating Canned responses

  • Email Support

  • Message handling

  • Market / Competitor research

What results can you expect:

By properly curating your customer support and ensuring a prompt, efficient and helpful response to both established clients and leads you can continue to improve the image of your brand with existing and prospective clients. Here's what you can expect from our Chat Support Virtual Assistants:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Good listening skills

  • Calm and friendly presence on the phone

  • Ability to resolve conflict

  • Well-educated product sellers

  • Persuasion skills

  • Good empathy and patience

If you have some special requests, we can also tailor a bespoke package for you in terms of out of hours service or multiple chat or email support team members. We will offer some of the best customer support available. All our Chat Support VA’s are highly qualified and show excellent skills in dealing with a variety of tasks.

Should you need anything else, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Do not let your business wait. Our team of skilled Virtual assistants have a wide knowledge-base and expertise in various fields, from Support to Social Media Marketing. Try one now and you may find yourself surprised by how much they can contribute to your business.

Need help with your customer service? Hire a Chat Support Virtual Assistant from £99 or take a 2 hour FREE trial.

We want you to understand the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant so we are happy to offer a 2 hour introductory trial in which you will be able to send over some sample tasks to see how a VA can help you lighten the load and concentrate on what you do best!