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Using a Virtual Assistant for Social Media

The biggest growth area for virtual assistant services has undoubtedly been in Social Media Strategy, content creation and management.

The most common request we get from clients is can we get a Social Media Virtual Assistant to help us manage our online presence, expand the channels we cover and optimise the way our brand is viewed… but, we have changed in the way we manage Social Media.

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Using a VA for free PR - Lesson 1: Getting in the News

In the first of a series of posts on the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant for some FREE PR, I am going to touch on how I have used a VA to help with getting in the news.

Nobody doubts the need for a long term online strategy, such as Search Engine Optimisation, for example. However, whilst you wait for a few months for your SEO strategy to kick in it doesn’t mean you cannot also be pro-active in bringing your story to the attention of the world?

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How and Why You Should Redesign Your Web Site.

Why fix it when it ain’t broken? Why fool around with a redesign, when everything works just fine? Why jeopardize our conversion rates just for the sake of a refresh? “Old, but gold”…

These are all perfectly reasonable reactions to a question whether your website needs improvement - a little facelift. Even though somewhere in the back of your mind you keep a number of reasons why you actually should redesign your website, you feel like there’s too much at stake. A redesign could make your business grow and bring you success, or it could fail discouragingly.

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Mapping Your Customer Journey - A Primer

Why is it important to map your customer journey? Well, simply because it’s good to step into your customers’ shoes from time to time and see your business from their perspective. If this sounds like a complete cliché to you, here’s another question.

Have you ever lost your sleep because one of your customers wrote a bad review online about your product or service? Or, better yet, do you find yourself losing more and more time trying to figure out why your prospects are buying from your competitors, when you’re offering them such a good product?

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