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Using a Virtual Assistant for Social Media

The biggest growth area for virtual assistant services has undoubtedly been in Social Media Strategy, content creation and management.

The most common request we get from clients is can we get a Social Media Virtual Assistant to help us manage our online presence, expand the channels we cover and optimise the way our brand is viewed… but, we have changed in the way we manage Social Media.

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Using a Virtual Assistant to Manage your Blog 

Having a successful blog and creating compelling and engaging content are some of the most effective marketing tools today. As such, they do require a lot of your time which, it is safe to assume, is already probably quite scarce.

When it comes to content creation, the job might seem straight-forward and not so challenging. However, as with any job this one comes with many routine elements which can easily be outsourced

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10 of the most Common Mistakes When Working with a Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a learning curve. The world is small and has never been better connected but widespread remote work is comparatively still in its infancy. This challenging area of business brings about new demands but none of them is insurmountable if it is done properly.

So let’s focus on working with a virtual assistant and how to avoid the most frequent mistakes.

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How to Work Well with a Virtual Assistant

Taking the plunge and deciding to welcome someone onboard to help with your workload is a very difficult decision. Running your business is something personal to you and you might feel like you are the only one good at it. 

Learning to delegate and to trust someone other than yourself may be a challenge, but it is one which will transform the quality and the way you work. The following points will make the transition and your relationship with your virtual assistant much easier.

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