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Working with a Virtual Assistant: Here's What You Should Know.

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In this blog post I have decided to recap a few useful posts from the past to help anyone using a virtual assistant (VA) to quickly find some help on the area they need to improve.

When it comes to virtual assistants, the two main questions I get asked are:

  1. What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

  2. How can I work better with my Virtual Assistant?

Now the first of these is almost impossible to answer. Almost the only limiting factor here is your time and what you choose to delegate. This sounds like a bold claim I know but as with many a task it comes down to recruitment and what you invest in the working relationship. Providing you find the right assistant who is intelligent and hard-working then you can train them in almost anything. Now, I am not suggesting trying to instruct your VA remotely, to perform open-heart surgery is necessarily the right way to go, but you get the picture.

The second is equally flexible and depends on your having a good positive business relationship with your VA, but it is true that there a few rules which one ought to abide by to get the most out of this relationship.

So without further ado I am listing a few helpful articles from our blog which can go some way to answering the above.

What can a VA do?

How can I work better with my VA?

If you want to add your own thoughts then please feel free to do so in the comments section below or get in touch.