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10 Tips for Communicating with your Virtual Assistant (Virtual PA)

Tips for communicating with a virtual assistant

Every time a new client signs up with us we send out a series of onboarding emails and judging by open rates the one about Communicating is by far the most popular. So I decided to share it again with the whole world.

So, without further ado, here are 10 Tips on Communicating with your VA:

1. Do list all tasks in Asana so you can keep track of them (or have your VA do so) and always add as much description as possible. 

2. If you require something booking, mention exact times and dates or give exact options.
Read this blog post from Tim Ferriss for a perfect guideline on how to explain this kind of task.

3. If you require research, such as a database of web sites / companies / contacts, give an example of what you need. Fill in the first line of the excel sheet so it is easy to execute the task.

4. If your project requires knowledge about a specific field, aside from giving tips to the assistant, also give them time to read up and prepare themselves. It is also a good idea to ask your VA to check in with you to review something after a couple of hours work, to see it is being done correctly. This way you can always steer them back on course. 

5. As an alternative to sending large bodies of text, try to break things down into bullet points. They are much easier to understand and to process when trying to understand how to execute a task.

6. In order to communicate even more effectively consider using video to describe your task. Read my previous blog post for more details on using screen capture software to easily share a visual description on how to perform a task.

7. Do not be annoyed if your VA is asking you questions. It is their job to do the task as best as possible and this is one way of ensuring it is done better.

8. Do communicate via email, Whatsapp, Skype or other channels but make sure key communication happens through Asana if you want a clear track record alongside your tasks. 

9. Do pro-actively set up monthly calls with your VA to review the communication of tasks. Your VA is used to doing this and may give very useful input.

10. Do say Thank You to your VA for completing a task and provide positive and constructive feedback.

Oh, and always feel free to get in touch with us to ask for help.