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Case Studies: Working with a Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant Case Studies

We started (HD Outsourcing as it was) because of our own personal experience. We needed a VA and we had less than positive experience with other online portals offering cut-price VAs in far flung corners of the world. 

It wasn't until we turned to Belgrade, Serbia, where currently have our operations that we discovered the right talent pool and soon decided we had to share the benefits we were reaping with other small business owners and entrepreneurs like us.

We are a little way down the road now and offering a service we believe is amongst the best on the market, not to mention the best value. Of course we never cease to learn and one way we can do this is by listening to our clients.

Certainly our clients are using their assistants in ways that we probably did not predict and in fact the variety of clients we have; using VAs for professional and personal tasks is beyond anything we ever imagined. 

It is with this in mind that we are undertaking some case studies and we start with Simon Cyrus from Cyrus Healthcare and Locum Blueprint.

Simon has been working with a VA for a number of months now and is a great example of an entrepreneurial individual looking at growth opportunities within his area of expertise. He is a pharmacist who has been qualified for over 6 years and worked in the industry for over 10. He locums (freelances) for several different contractors. 

We shall be publishing more case studies in the coming months so do let us know what you think and do get in touch if you want to be featured.

Thanks for reading and here's to ever-increasing productivity. Tom & Zoe.