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How to Manage a Hectic Schedule

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, from a tech start-up to a vegan food site, it often all falls on you to do everything and your schedule can become crowded to say the least. All those time-consuming tasks, chores and admin that you may have never imagined… so here are 6 Tips to Manage a Hectic Schedule successfully and spend more time working ON your business and less time IN your business.

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How to Give Feedback to a Virtual Assistant

Feedback is one of the most important steps to take when delegating your work to someone. It is crucial to building a good working relationship with your virtual assistant and ensuring great communication.

Criticism wrapped in praise can be very tricky and we, as people, tend to focus only on the negative. This can in turn affect your overall communication with your virtual assistant.

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Strategies for Delegating Work and Getting More Done with a VA (FREE download).

Perhaps you feel you are the only one with the skills to complete your work. Perhaps delegation can feel like more trouble than it's worth. However by doing so effectively you can make a huge difference to your productivity.

Delegating well means finding that balance between allowing people to use their abilities whilst maintaining an oversight and supporting, to ensure the job is carried out in a successful way. Successful delegation is also vital to growing your small business.

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